About Us

Hi I'm Ari 

I am the designer behind Honeysuckle and Lime.   My career before having my children was in the textiles industry as a bedlinen designer and product developer.  Honeysuckle and Lime now combines my love of textiles with the joy that I find in creating, problem solving and hand crafting unique and beautiful products with my own hands.  

Honeysuckle and Lime’s virtual doors opened in 2014 and over the years the range has evolved to focus largely on keepsake textile pieces for family celebrations.  Christmas is my personal favourite so you might notice a slight bias towards this celebration. 

Based on the beautiful NSW central coast I now work with a small team of local makers.  Our aim with each new piece is to use natural fibres from ethical supply chains.  We try to create beautiful personalised pieces that will stand the test of time and become part of your family celebrations, traditions and memories.

I have a passion for reducing waste so all our products are designed with this in mind.  We also use recycled or biodegradable packaging and we are working everyday towards creating a plastic free supply chain. 

I am so grateful you stopped by.

Ari x